Keynote Speaker

Randy Lewis

Walgreens Pioneer of Supply Chain Employment

Randy Lewis has been called a visionary of disability employment. As Senior Vice President of Walgreens logistics and supply chain, he launched a division-wide disability hiring initiative based on the principle of “same jobs, same performance, same pay” which resulted in 10% of its workforce (1,000+ PWDs) composed of people with disabilities. It started with the first ever large-scale mission-critical facilities built with specific intent of deploying a significant number of people with disabilities in all aspects of the operation.

These were designed to provide the lowest cost and highest quality service for Walgreen stores and as model for other businesses to come on see the reality that others that employing PWD’s is good business – that there is no conflict in serving the bottom and the greater good. These sites are the most efficient operations in Walgreens history and PWD’s compose over 40% of their workforces.

After retiring in 2013, Randy has continued his work in promoting the power of serving the common good. His book, No Greatness Without Goodness, was released in 2014 was named by Fast Company as one of “10 Books You Should Read This Year”.